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L・E−Design Director, 50s, French,
Purpose of treatment: Mainly stress
The practitioner is very good listner, she is very open minded and always give good advice. She has story and kind hands. It is important to fully trust the therapist and trust is the core with her _

会社員, 30s, 日本
施術の目的: 産後の回復

会社員, 50s, 日本
施術の目的: 体調管理のため

会社員, 30s, 日本
施術の目的: 体調改善

Jaya− Teacher, 30s, Mauritian
Purpose of treatment: Bridal Treatment
Our first encounter with Chiaki has been a journey of well being. My husban d and I were heading back to our home country from Japan for our wedding and we needed a bridal treatment. We were so fortunate to have come across Chiaki's website (the us e of English in her website was another major reason why we selected her). In just a m onth before our wedding, Chiaki's cosmetic acupuncture, massages and magical fingers m ade us loose weight and created an aura around us that made eveyone back home envy our glow and healthy appearance. We were full of energy and we felt healthy in our heart and mind. We will surely try Chiaki's services because just her genuine care is contag ious. Without any reservation, I would recommend anyone try her services even for just a a relaxed moment with oneself.
Renata Bell − Photographer /mother, 30s, Brazilian
Purpose of treatment: Pregnancy and post partrum relaxation, body pain
I started having acupuncture and massages with Chiaki during my last month of pregnancy due to strong ligament pain on my legs and back. The following days after the treatments I felt such a relief... I could finally walk normally again without limping!
 After the birth I went back for post partrum treatments and overall relaxation and well being.
 I also took my 2 months old baby for a short session of acupuncture and massage for her overall well being and to help her sleep better and settle at night which was very beneficial to her.
 Highly recommend Chiaki! She's very professional, kind and accommodating to me and my baby.

H・S − Mother, 30s, German
Purpose of treatment: Stiffness and Pain
Chiaki has been great, me and my mother, we have both been regularly visiting her for massages and acupuncture treatment. She has helped us on different issues such as problems with back and neck, water retention during pregnancy and lymph drainage massage in my mother’s case after a long flight. I also have had regular acupuncture sessions with her, which has helped me overcome pelvic pain during the last stages of pregnancy or headaches. She truly can feel where something is wrong, even without specifically telling her. I can only recommend her magic fingers.

G・S− Mother, 30s, Indian
Chiaki san has been my saviour! And literally so. I became a mom almost two years back and she made my postpartum recovery very smooth and quick. She has the magic of knowing the exact issues in your body without you having to tell her. And her balancing massages just do the trick and you recover from any ailment in no time. Even after child birth if I've had concerns like fatigue, injury or stiffness due to exertion, she's been able to bring me out of it very very quick. I would highly recommend her to any and everyone. She's undoubtedly the best therapist around.

M・I− 事務職, 30代, 日本
施術の目的: リフトアップ、くすみ、コリ
美容鍼をしていただきました。 初めてだったのでドキドキしてましたが全く痛みもなく終わった後は顔がスッキリしたし、張りが感じられました。
あと私はひどい肩こりなので肩首とマッサージもしていただき、終わった後はこりが解消されて楽になりました。 本当に、ありがとうございました。

K・K − Teacher, 30s, British
Purpose of treatment: Relax and relieve stress and tension
Lovely atmosphere the moment you walk through the door, which helps set the scene for a relaxing treatment. Felt great afterwards, head and shoulder massage was especially good.  Definitely recommended.

C・B - Teacher, 30s, British,
Purpose of treatment:
Relax and soothe my painful 40 week pregnant body
Relax and soothe my painful 40 week pregnant body
comment: Chiaki's whole body treatment was wonderful. I felt very pampered and cared for at her small and quiet salon. I was made very comfortable for the massage - Chiaki used lots of towels to support my big 40-week belly. Chiaki has a lot of strength and energy and used just the right amount of pressure for the massage to feel really good. I had a short nap on the sofa afterwards while my mother-in-law had her massage! I felt rejuvenated and well after the massage.

 M・H - House wife, 30s, Japan,  
Purpose of treatment:for relaxation
Chiaki was very polite and professional. Her massage recommendation was exactly what I needed. Especially the oils she picked out made me really relaxed. I also enjoyed the treatment with the stones.  I highly recommend her spa.

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